Five signs that an individual is addicted

Addiction is becoming a rampant problem in the world today. People can get addicted to virtually anything, from drugs to alcohol to the internet and all forms of habits. Here are 5 signs that show that an individual is addicted.

  • Obsessing

When a person is obsessed with something and thinks about it all the time, it can be a result of addiction. They find it hard to concentrate on other things and spend all of their time and money on satisfying their cravings.

  • Lack of Impulse Control

Impulse control is the ability to stop doing something at will. When a person is unable to conveniently do so, addiction is kicking in. It becomes even more difficult as withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, convulsions, and irritability set in.

  • Manipulative

An addicted person tends to get manipulative to satisfy the urges. Lying, stealing, and fraudulent practices are common manipulative behaviors addicts exhibit.

  • Clouded Judgement and Reasoning

A general trait of addictions is the incapacity to think clearly. The minds of addicts are clouded by the need to satisfy their addiction that they do anything to that end. They sometimes take decisions or actions that are detrimental to their health, life, or work.

  • Relationship Strain

Addiction rids its victims of the ability to relate well with people around them. Due to the trauma attached, they feel a sense of guilt and shame and find it hard to open up. This makes them isolate themselves from others and jeopardizes their socialization with friends and family.

Being addicted is a big problem because it holds the addict in an uncontrollable desire for it while every other part of their life suffers. It is important to be able to notice when you or those around you are addicted to something. Only then can you seek the much-needed help for yourself or such a person.

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