5 Signs that an Individual is Addicted to Drugs

Drug addiction is a state of physical and psychological dependence on a drug irrespective of its negative effects. How do you know a person is addicted to drugs? Watch out for these 5 common signs and you can tell if an individual is addicted.

  • Intense Cravings

When a person begins to feel a strong uncontrollable desire to use a drug, it is a sign of addiction. The intense urge often leaves the individual uncomfortable and unable to concentrate on any other thing asides from the need to take that drug.

  • Withdrawal Symptoms

When an addicted person tries to stop or reduce the usage of the drug, withdrawal symptoms set in. These symptoms may include seizures, vomiting, anxiety, hallucinations, and other physical and mental conditions. This sign shows the extent to which the body has become physiologically dependent on the drug.

  • Tolerance

Addicts use drugs to achieve a certain feeling or state. When the amount of drug normally used to reach such a state is no longer sufficient, the body has become tolerant to that drug. This means they have to take in more of the drug to achieve the desired effect.

  • Risky and Illogical Behavior

The need to always take drugs can drive addicts to any lengths to satisfy it. They may begin to steal, commit crimes, keep bad company, neglect responsibilities and make bad decisions. They can also go bankrupt, spending all they have on drugs.

  • Isolation

Finally, when a person suddenly withdraws from people and social life, it can be a sign of addiction. Due to perceived stigma or fear of what friends and family will say, addicts tend to isolate themselves from everyone.

Addiction signs vary from person to person, depending on the drug being abused. However, these 5 signs are most likely to be found in most drug addicts you can find.

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